Runaya Sustainability Technologies is revolutionising the resources industry by creating environmentally-friendly solutions that promote a circular economy defined by a zero-waste philosophy.

Runaya already has a sustainability and metal recovery project currently operating in Odisha, where 100% of Aluminium dross is processed into value-add products.

The dross recycling plant at Jharsuguda, which is a project to provide an end-to-end green solution for recovery of aluminium and processing residual waste from aluminium smelters, is in its last stage of commissioning. The project will address one of the biggest challenges facing the aluminium industry, which relates to handling, evacuation, processing and disposal of dross in an environmentally friendly manner.

To be the global leaders in sustainable solutions for the resources sector by leveraging pioneering technology and partnerships.

Aluminium Dross is a mass of solid impurities floating on a molten metal. It appears usually on the melting of low-melting-point metals or alloys or by oxidation of the metal. Aluminium dross can be mechanically recycled to separate the residual Aluminium metal from the Aluminium oxide. Aluminium dross ranges from 1-2% of the Aluminium manufactured, and comprises of 30-70% Aluminium by weight. Normally, 1 Ton of Aluminium metal production generates 10 to 20 kg of dross. Currently, in India, there is very limited processing of dross in an organized manner.

The world produces ~65 million tons of aluminium per annum, which results in ~1 million ton of aluminium dross being produced every year out of which ~100k is produced in India. The environmental impact of this waste is a global problem that needs to be addressed on priority. Runaya addresses one of the biggest challenges facing the aluminium industry, relating to handling, evacuation and processing / marketing of dross in an environmentally friendly manner with zero waste and zero discharge. Runaya has partnered with TAHA, Luxembourg offering innovative, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective services to the aluminium and steel industry worldwide. Runaya has an exclusive and perpetual license to deploy this technology. Runaya has successfully implemented this project at Vedanta’s Aluminium Smelter in Jharsuguda and is in the process of implementing the same at BALCO, Korba. The current capacity is 30,000 tons which will recover Aluminium metal of ~40% i.e 12000 tons.

Runaya is setting up a minor metal recovery complex for Hindustan Zinc in Dariba and Chanderia to recover metals such as Cadmium, Copper Dross, Copper Matte, etc. which are found in the mining chain of Zinc, Copper and Silver.

Cadmium: Processing 2,600 MT of cadmium residue annually being generated at Hindustan Zinc plants at Debari, Dariba and Chanderiya smelters.

Lead recovery from Copper-Lead Dross Project: Copper dross of 12000 TPA is being generated which will be processed by Runaya to produce Lead ingots and Copper matte.

Copper Sulphate recovery from Copper matte Project: 3200 TPA of Copper matte to produce Copper Sulphate.

Zinc sulphate recovery from PF cake Project: 8800 TPA of PF cake to produce Zinc Sulphate.

Runaya Briquettes is Alumina based steel slag conditioner formulated to improve the cost economics of steel production while at the same time providing a host of other quantifiable benefits.

Runaya’s steel slag conditioner is formulated from a blend of components that have their own qualities with a plethora of positive effects on the slag along with reducing the melting temperature and improving the fluidity of the slag reducing process time. The reducing slag conditioner components de-oxidize iron and alloying elements in the slag improving the yield of alloy considerably.

Runaya Briquettes are made using an organic binder allowing for easy and dust free handling and application with no fumes during addition. Thus higher amounts can be added as per requirements and setup of the operations.

Runaya Briquettes has reactive Aluminium compounds and negligibly low amounts of Silica as given below.

Runaya Briquettes are added prior to tapping in Ladle from EAF/LD/BOF and very small fraction at LRF according to need during processing at LRF. The Formation of calcium Aluminates at low temperatures facilitate speedy dissolution of CaO into the slag and thus making slag fluid and reactive. Increases Sulphide capacity of Cao and Non-Metallic inclusions are eliminated effectively and efficiently.

Runaya Briquettes do not contain Fluorspar and achieve fluidity of slag without any further addition of Fluorspar. So there will no fluoride attack on ladle refractories.

Runaya Briquettes, in slag carry over and oxidized slag cases acts fast and bring under good control and facilitates good alloy recovery and smooth processing at LRF. Facilitates smooth plant operation without any sequence breaks of caster machine.

Runaya Briquettes has following quantifiable benefits and gain on continuous use.

  • Stable and consistent Steel qualities
  • Formation of creamy slag
  • Improved Alloy recovery (Yield)
  • Effective desulphurization
  • Elimination of Fluorspar (CaF2) use
  • Improved ladle refractory life
  • Reduced LRF electrode consumption
  • Reduction in usage of purging gas
  • Cleaner Steel
  • Improved thermal efficiency of the ladle
  • Reduced arc flare
  • Overall smoothening of operations improving productivity


>35 >35 <30
CaO % <5 <5 >30
MgO % <5 <5 <10
SiO2 % <2 <2