Telecom Grade FRP & ARP Rods

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FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) & ARP (Aramid Reinforced Plastic) RODS- Central Strength Members Of The Telecom Industry

Global adoption of 5G Networks by the telecom industry along with increased last mile connectivity requirements have resulted in an increase in demand for support infrastructure on account of high user network growth.

Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) & Aramid Reinforced Plastic (ARP) Rods are used as strength member in Optical Fibre Cables and are made of fibre glass, aramid & resin.

Runaya FRP & ARP Rods

Our vision is to be the 'factory of the world' in manufacturing of strength elements for the Telecom industry and have an operating capacity of 2 million km at our plant in Silvassa, Dadra & Nagar Haveli.

We currently make various glass & aramid reinforced plastic rods used in various Optical Fibre Cables applications.

Our products are manufactured through the latest environmentally friendly pultrusion process with a strong focus on Quality.

We focus on enabling a circular economy and promote the concept of waste to wealth through various initiatives:
Continuous Innovation on

Process and Product Improvement

Benchmark levels of

Process Efficiencies

Strong Focus

on ESG

Delivery of Customer-Specific



Our FRP rods provide the following advantages:

  • We believe in a solution oriented approach and building long term relationships with all our partners
  • Our extensive Value Added Product portfolio allows us to be an end to end partner to our clients and includes various Coated and Un-Coated FRP Rods in diameters ranging from 0.5mm to 4mm.
  • We operate the first AI backed Vision Control system in the industry at our plant which allows us to identify any quality issues around coating and size without human intervention.
  • Specially innovated and designed with a high strength-to-weight ratio and minimum bend radius, making it a preferred choice in the industry.

We manufacture ARP rods from premium quality Aramid Yarn through Thermal Curing. These are used primarily in Fibre to the Home (FTTH) Cables, Micro-duct Cables and Aerial Drop Cables.

Product Features of Runaya's ARP Rods

  • Offer high tensile strength (>1500 N/
  • EAA Coated ARP rods provide stronger adhesion to cable jacketing materials.
  • Aramid fibres do not change their dimensions under high temperature due to their high heat insulation.
  • Highly Fire Retardant (Limited Oxygen Index of 28-29)
  • The embedded design of the cable allow for high bending and helps in blowing and laying of the cable
  • Subjected to robust GR-20 test, which helps in benchmarking quality

Runaya produces six types of fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) rods

Uncoated FRP

  • Used as strength member in Optical Fiber Cables
  • Offers high tensile strength greater > 1500 N/SQ.MM
  • The general diameter ranges between 0.4 – 4mm

Coated FRP

  • Coating layer provides better adhesion with Jacketing material of the cable
  • Provides better strength and bending for the cable
  • The general diameter ranges between 0.4 mm -4 mm
  • Offers high tensile strength (>1500 N/

Water Swellable FRP

  • Water Swellable FRPs are a strength member with a super absorbent entity at the surface of the FRP Rod.
  • It swells at rate of 0.2mm/minute during water ingression and protects the fibre by preventing signal attenuation.
  • Its innovative design minimises the use of water swelling yarn and has been curated in a way that enables it to swell and expand when in contact with moisture.
  • Used primarily in Dry Core Multitube Cables

Flat FRP

  • Flat FRP rods are situated on the periphery of the cable and provide high tensile strength ensuring protection from underground rodents and insects.
  • They are dielectric and rectangular-shaped rods manufactured using E-glass fibres, high heat resistance and a proprietary resin system.
  • It is used as a lateral strength element in Direct Burial Cables and Submarine Cables.

Medium Adhesion FRP Rods

  • Medium adhesion FRP rods are coated FRP Rods ranging from 0.4 to 4 mm diameter with medium bond adhesion coating material
  • They enable easy unsheathing of HDPE jackets

High Diameter FRP Rod

  • Produced in diameters higher than 3.5 mm.
  • Has low bending distortion, providing strength to Pole-to-Pole Cables.
  • It is also used as central strength member in designs having Multi Loose Tubes.

Technology & Automation

We have a dedicated Innovation Centre

that constantly works on product & process innovation to create new designs, improve existing products, and increase the performance and applicability in different OFC cable designs.

We also have a fully automated FRP production line

that allows us to capture processed data, process parameter control and product traceability which helps in data analysis.

Our rewinding lines have a first of its kind AI backed Vision control system

to monitor the diameter and surface defects of FRP rods, allowing for quality checks without any human intervention.

Our FRP Plant

Responsibility towards the

In line with our policy to operate in an environment friendly manner we have set up a 40 KW rooftop solar power plant with the plan to meet a 100% of our energy requirement to be through renewable sources by 2025.

We collect used spools from customers to be re-used, minimising our impact on the environment.

Our Innovation Centre also has a target to reduce finished goods rejection and raw material wastage to 0%.