Environment, Social & Governance (ESG)

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The Intent- “Build Future Positive”

Runaya’s journey towards building sustainable technologies and optimising resources encompasses all aspects of Environment, Social and Governance including safety of all stakeholders.

Runaya’s process and practices are embedded in its core strategy of

  • Transform

    Transform the resources sector through responsible investments and innovations

  • Involve

    Inculcate an ESG culture in employees and strive for responsible and diversified employment through continued involvement

  • Engage

    Leadership to ‘Build Future Positive’ through employee engagement and responsible operations

Further, Runaya’s ESG Framework will focus on

16 areas that are crucial to the sustainability of the business.

Runaya considers the requirements of all its Stakeholders, Regulators, International Reporting Frameworks, Competition and Rating Agencies to identify the focus areas in the ESG, that are material to the future positive outlook.