Employee Benefits

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“Runaya provides value to its employees through an employee experience offering a focus on career advancement opportunities while also providing the necessary work-life integration and focus on wellness appropriate for each individual. Every Runaya employee is able to reach even beyond our world-class technology process to engage with meaningful projects."
Runaya believes that "human capital" is the strongest asset

and identifying internal talent and elevating them to enhanced leadership roles has been a key source of the company's competitive advantage.

In order to keep the talent pipeline updated with the right knowledge, skills and attitude,

Runaya focuses on competency development of the employees to meet the current and future needs of the business through robust talent development initiatives ensuring several interventions for retaining our talent.

Runaya follows a multi-dimensional approach

for leadership development & capability building. Inputs for organization-wide change initiatives are championed by the leadership team and are identified from the long-term business strategies and business needs.