Diversity & Inclusion

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The Key to Unlearn and Learn

At Runaya, we celebrate the uniqueness of every individual by fostering an environment of inclusion and empowerment. 

Runaya strives to create a comprehensive workplace environment and leverages its rich and diverse human resources with a sustainable competitive advantage where each one is provided with an opportunity to participate, contribute, and grow holistically.

To intensify our D&I vision, we have developed the following global aspirational targets to guide our journey and demonstrate our commitment:
  • Create an inclusive culture where all employees have a sense of belonging and equitable opportunities to realise their potential
  • Achieve a minimum of 70% women and a minimum of 40% women in senior leadership positions in FY 2025
  • Achieve a balanced gender representation across all managerial levels 
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Additionally, while we believe that gender is one dimension of diversity, we duly recognize the other aspects of it as well, for instance, ethnicity, race, nationality, disability, and sexual orientation to name a few. And to address this, Runaya has taken a target to include a minimum of 1% specially-abled, 2% LGBTQ while also ensuring a healthy geo-mix and hiring people from North East and J & K in our direct workforce and also in our business partners.
Our approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion is supported by a range of policies that further encourage inclusive business practices, such as:

Equal Employment
Opportunity Policy –

To achieve our business objectives, we are committed to a merit-based appointment process. We have policies and practices in place that enable employees access to all opportunities available with the organization, in a fair and equitable manner. We have the best-in-class tools and practices to ensure that we can access the broadest pool of diverse candidates, in keeping with our commitment to merit-based employment


Diversity, Equity
& Inclusion –

At Runaya, we are committed to attracting and retaining employees from diverse backgrounds and fostering an inclusive and supportive environment


Employee Code
of Conduct –

We envision creating an environment that is free from bullying, harassment, and discrimination and supporting and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace


Business Code
of Conduct –

Runaya is committed to not only complying with its legal obligations but also acting ethically and responsibly. Our Code of Conduct sets out the standards of behaviour and is applicable to all Runaya employees, contractors, and consultants


Flexible Workplace
Arrangements –

We have always believed and advocated for our employees to maintain a healthy balance between work, domestic responsibilities, and other commitments. Hence, we offer a flexible work arrangement to accommodate the varying employee needs.


Leave Policies –

Keeping in mind our vision of being employee-centric, Runaya employees are entitled to have appropriate options for taking time off work, which includes family and medical leave, personal leave, and parental leave. We have always believed in not only taking care of our employees but their families as well, which we believe plays a key role in bringing productivity to the table


Partner Selection

Runaya is committed to being an excellent partner and mentor, consistent with our desire to lead with Technology and to best serve our customers. We require all vendors and business partners to uphold the same level of integrity in business practice standards that Runaya does.