Closing the gender gap: How is ground-level action paving the way at Runaya?

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Closing the gender gap: How is ground-level action paving the way at Runaya?

Globally, it is believed that women have bridged the gender gap in the corporate world. But a closer look at the employment scene reveals a different picture.

Speaking of India, according to a Moneycontrol article, the top 50 Indian firms are way behind the global benchmarks on gender equality. The report suggested that women account only for 25.08 per cent of the total employees under the payroll of the top 50 companies by market cap. In over half of them, women employees comprised less than ten per cent of the total workforce; in about 20 per cent, it was less than five per cent!

At Runaya, we firmly believe in the power of women's talent and equality. Accordingly, we've been trying to close the gender gap with wonderful results. Here's how we've been doing it at the organisational level.

Achieving a new perspective with women's talent

While acknowledging the significance of male talent, one cannot discount the equally vital role that their female counterparts play in the growth and progress of an organisation. Women come with a diverse and unique set of capabilities. A few of them are their meticulous approach, hard work, multitasking skills and strategic thinking at the organisational level.

Women bring an attitude of composure and a level head as a huge value add to the floor. These attributes allow them the power of foresight about minutiae that can have a more significant impact. They also excel in connecting the dots that help companies achieve excellence at the broader scale, thus, making them an unarguably crucial part of an organisation's operations and strategy.

At Runaya, we've designed our hiring process to include women's talent consciously. Their presence at the ground and strategic level have been helping us achieve steady YoY growth. We are confident that our work environment, conducive and supportive of women’s potential, will continue broadening our perspective, helping us increase our productivity and achieving greater gender equality across the corporate world.

Augmenting women's workforce

It isn't that companies do not acknowledge or appreciate the brilliant contributions that women's talent makes. Yet, most of them have a meagre number of women employees. However, at Runaya, the scene is entirely different. While already having a healthy gender employment ratio, we are making efforts to strengthen it further.

We have a total of 30 per cent of female employees in leadership roles, across multiple verticals like HR, finance and ESG. Besides, currently, women account for 50 per cent of our total workforce. Although it is a healthier ratio than the national and global average, we look forward to increasing it to 60 per cent, exemplifying women's workforce employment and empowerment.

We firmly believe that women, considering the enormous talent and visionary approach they have, should pitch in for leadership roles. Women leadership isn’t something new. It is a proven fact across centuries from times when women ran kingdoms to the modern age, where many women have achieved success in the corporate world.

Accordingly, we empower our female employees by encouraging them to apply for various roles and entrusting them with responsibilities and accountability. We also enable the blue-collar women workforce to handle independent leadership roles and make sure to support them with their education, while organising regular sessions on mental health and leadership.

And since change starts from the grassroots level, another vital endeavour of ours under women empowerment includes Project Laadli. It is an exclusive initiative (under Runaya Reach - our CSR wing) that has helped us bring down the drop-out ratio in villages.

We firmly believe empowerment at the ground level can surely make a difference to women's employment and leadership in the long run, if not immediately.

Additionally, we provide our women employees with the flexibility to opt for higher studies, while on our payroll. Such flexibility allows women to upskill themselves and improve their value as contributors to the company’s growth.

Looking beyond binaries

Bridging the gender gap is a much broader responsibility than only empowering more women to join the workforce. While that is only one aspect, true equality also includes sexual orientation. To address this, we have taken a target to include 5% of our workforce from the LGBTQIA+ community. With the aim to spread awareness about the challenges and workplace discrimination faced by them, we also conduct sensitization sessions on a regular basis.

At Runaya, we are developing a policy that includes transgender hiring at roles and responsibilities per their merit and calibre. We are ensuring the utmost care and inclusiveness to set examples of gender equality in the workplace. And we are sure that including people from the LGBTQIA+ community in our ecosystem will further help us enhance our strategies and pave the way for us to lead the torch for it to be implemented across the industry.

Walking the talk

The way every individual has the right to education, we feel, each one has the right to employment as well. We don't confine our values and beliefs to our organisational constitution but implement those in the light of our holistic purpose and vision.

And this is only the beginning! We are confident and will remain committed to setting a global example of gender equality and contributing to the country's efforts towards providing every individual with a fair employment opportunity. Visit us at to know more.