Digitisation: The key to transformation at Runaya

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Digitisation: The key to transformation at Runaya

Amidst the highly tech-driven, contemporary business environment, digitisation is considered the key to competence, relevance, and success. Digitisation can help leaders reset their business trajectory by enabling them to leverage data and make informed decisions to thrive. Besides, in an age where uncertainties perpetually hover over the global business horizon, digitisation can help companies achieve business continuity and gain insights to build the resilience required to tackle future obstacles to varying extents.

According to Gartner, 87 per cent of senior business leaders prioritize digitisation, and 91 per cent of companies are engaged in some form of digital initiative. Of course, that doesn't come as a surprise, especially given the various advantages of digitisation in the short and long run.

At Runaya, we are a new-age company with a holistic vision that drives success, revenue, and sustainability via technology. We strive to achieve business excellence by integrating technologies appropriate and relevant to growth. Here are a few examples of how digitisation has helped transform and broaden our business horizon.

Looking beyond the conventional - Green aluminium recovery

Globally, 1 MT of aluminium dross per year is produced, out of which 0.1 MT is generated in India and predominantly landfilled. Runaya has deployed a three-stage process to tackle the challenges of aluminium dross in an eco-friendly way with an installed capacity of 40,000 MT. The stages include hot dross processing, cold dross processing and value-added product manufacturing.

Some benefits of the processes include the following.

Annually, we produce about 16,000 MT of green aluminium after recovery. Our green aluminium has about 10X-15X lower CO2 emissions along with the same properties when compared to conventional aluminium. Our products RubiQ and RucaL Green are exclusively designed to achieve these objectives, helping us and partner companies get on the right track. They are made from depleted dross and allow straightforward and dust-free handling and application to replace the use of primary aluminium.

Digitizing for holistic success and growth

We are a company driven by a holistic purpose. We aren't merely manufacturers but a responsible organization with an unmatched empathy and love for the ecosystem, and a mission of self-dependence for our country. Accordingly, we aim to achieve excellence through competence that involves embracing digitisation, sustainable manufacturing, and the best business practices.

Our efforts are evident from the results we’ve been achieving with time and the increased adoption of digital transformation. Some of them include the following.

In addition to the above, we are taking positive and focused efforts towards Build Future Positive. Some initiatives in this regard include the following.

Driving the change

The above are a few examples of where we've transformed our business significantly via digitisation. To make sure we keep striving to do better, our values include continuous improvement and transformation to encourage us to upgrade existing initiatives and measures and bring about new technologies on board.