Leveraging R&D to revolutionise the industry

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Leveraging R&D to revolutionise the industry

Research and development (R&D) are the foundation of every invention. Benchmark and meaningful products are always the results of extensive and meticulous research, which takes months, years, or even decades, especially the ones that cause a breakthrough in the market.

India today is racing towards becoming a trillion-dollar economy, and is emphasising on research and development more than ever! Due to factors like power growth, long-term employment prospects, and skill routes for millions of people, India has a significant potential to engage in the international market. But this can only be achieved when backed by extensive research.

Runaya considers R&D the foundation of each of our initiatives and its success as it is transformative and capable of fostering paradigm shifts in the industry. Let’s overview how R&D can change the metal and manufacturing industries and look at some of our efforts in this direction.

The impact of research and development on the industry

Experts suggest that companies should invest about 10-20 per cent of their gross profits in R&D. Still, the question that may arise here is why should companies devote such a large chunk of profits to R&D? R&D undoubtedly deserves a significant portion of the company’s earnings, as it can help it grow and expand in a variety of ways. Let’s explore some avenues that investing in R&D can open.

Runaya’s value proposition

In a nutshell, Runaya’s R&D focuses on a few essential factors like value, customer-centricity, product quality, and sustainability. We leverage various Industry 4.0 technologies such as AI, automation, etc., to achieve our objectives.

While bringing in transformations across each area, we’ve partnered with elite institutions like IIT Mumbai, IIT Jammu and IIT Kharagpur for research and innovations. Our collaboration with CUSAT (dept. of polymer science) and MG University will also help us derive value and contribute to our vision in the long run.

We remain a company driven by innovations and a holistic purpose of serving society better. We’ve always endeavoured to make our planet cleaner and greener. With our R&D efforts and innovation centre, we aim to be the resource sector’s one-stop solution.