Runaya Launches Sustainable Products for Steel Sector at Make in Odisha Conclave 2022

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Runaya Launches Sustainable Products for Steel Sector at Make in Odisha Conclave 2022

~RubiQ and RucaL Green is 100% green briquettes exclusively manufactured by Runaya~

Bhubaneshwar, 02nd December 2022: Runaya, India's first sustainability solutions company specifically for the mining sector, launched a new range of products under the brand name RubiQ and RucaL Green designed to enable Green manufacturing for the Indian steel industry at the Make in Odisha Conclave 2022. These products are certified to consume only around 10% of the carbon consumed by many other products available in the market. Both RubiQ and RucaL Green, are used as Steel Slag conditioners in steel making. The benefits include reduction of process time, improvement in finished goods quality and reduced corrosion of plant equipment.

The new range of products, RubiQ and RucaL, will be used in steel slag conditioning and, more specifically, to maintain basicity and achieve desulphurisation, improving alloy recovery. The previous process required procurement, handling, and timely addition of several different products to achieve the desired outcome. These Runaya briquettes primarilay comprise of Alumina, metallic aluminium, and other active aluminium compounds. Runaya briquettes are already being used by the largest steel companies in Odisha and around the world, more and more as the sector races towards carbon neutrality.

RubiQ and RucaL Green have been designed to deliver consistent performance. Runaya has deployed a licensed technology through which the production of input materials is done in-house, ensuring consistent quality. This process is part of Runaya's push towards enabling sustainable mining in India and Odisha. The process is zero-waste and zero-discharge. At the current scale, Runaya is preventing 40,000 tons of waste from entering landfills in Odisha. Through innovation and new technology, the target is 250,000 tons within 3 years. To successfully make this product green, Runaya has deployed renewable energy at their facilities in Jharsuguda.

Commenting on the same at the launch event, Annanya Agarwal, Co-founder, Runaya, said, "My heartfelt gratitude to Honourable CM of Odisha and his team, specially IPICOL and the State Pollution Control Board, not only for hosting this fantastic conclave, but also for supporting start-ups like Runaya to be able to operate, grow, and revolutionise the resources sector. Runaya is proud to call Odisha our home, and we will process and recycle more waste each year. Today, we are officially launching our new products, RubiQ and RucaL Green, to enable the steel industry to improve its sustainability performance. This product is designed to deliver productivity to steel makers, but through Green Technology. We are extremely excited to continue to provide solutions for companies looking to make sustainable change."

Runaya, founded in 2018 by Mr. Naivedya Agarwal and Mr. Annanya Agarwal, the next generation of entrepreneurs from the Vedanta group, leverages its relationship with global players (for accessing technology), and strong management capabilities, to drive technology-laden growth for the manufacturing sector in India.

About Runaya:

Runaya's vision is to deploy cutting-edge technology to enable innovation, sustainability, and efficiency improvement in the natural resources industry. Founded by Naivedya and Annanya Agarwal (sons of Vedanta Limited Vice-Chairman Navin Agarwal), the key focus is on executing projects that enable a circular economy and promote the concept of waste to wealth. Runaya's portfolio includes ground support products, sustainability solutions for the aluminium industry, minor metals recovery, gas atomized metallurgical powders and FRP & ARP rods for the telecommunication cable and steel industries. The company has a stated policy of employing 85% women diversity. Please visit  for more.

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