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Making safe mining a reality //
MRPL: How meaningful collaboration can set new safety standards in mining

The longevity of the mining industry is a thing to be marvelled at. Not only have we come far from traditional mining but the face of the industry has seen significant innovation in recent years.

Safety in the mining and tunnelling sector has been a matter of great concern across the world for many decades. But today, stricter safety regulations and new technologies are changing the game to ensure safer processes and environments. With high-end technology coming into the picture, the biggest concern of the mining industry is now being addressed - safety. But this begets the question -

how far have we come to actual change?

Mining, safety and IoT

The mining industry supplies essential minerals for energy, construction, manufacturing, technology, and electric vehicles. While safety has significantly improved in recent years, it still presents inherent risks to workers. Safety practices in the mining industry involve the implementation of recognised hazard controls and/or reduction of risks associated with mining - and one of the primary concerns at mining sites is the safety of workers and equipment on the job. Poor air quality, low visibility, chemical hazards, and structural dangers can all pose a threat in risky areas. These hazards are diverse, and as a result, the most effective protection measures can help to either remove the worker from potentially hazardous situations or alert them to impending danger. Technology is driving measurable improvement in miner safety with increased connected applications.

But with these risks, how does IoT affect the mining industry?

Some specific strategies technology can unlock
for improved safety for the mining industry can be:

It is at the intersection of the three that technology can bring about change. Instances of the same include improvement in overall efficiency when the Hindustan Zinc’s Sindesar Khurd (SK) mine in India implemented Newtrax MET integrated with the Sandvik OptiMine to track and receive data from the entire underground operation including drills, loaders, trucks and other equipment.

Rio Tinto's Kookaideri project in Australia is set to build the world's first "intelligent mine" where all assets are networked together and can make decisions in microseconds. Through real-time data, operators at the mine will be able to quickly test scenarios to optimize production or operations. [ Infosys]

At Runaya, we wanted to create the pathway which merged IoT with technology to lead the revolution in mining safety.

The Runaya promise // Revolutionising the industry

Runaya is set to bring about a new phase in the mining industry by making safety a priority. Our joint partnership with Australian experts Minova, called Minova-Runaya Private Limited (MRPL), is changing the norm and securing the mining industry through top-of-the-line products that make mining exponentially safer.

At Runaya, we want to usher in a new age of safety for the mining industry. We follow an integrated approach with a two-pronged promise - using advanced AI/ML technologies to predict potential harm and creating on-ground products that reduce the number of accidents. Minova-Runaya combines the technical competencies and global reach of Minova with Runaya's manufacturing

capabilities. This partnership brings new cutting-edge technology solutions to India's mining and infrastructure industries. And not only that, this production facility is now bringing previously unavailable products and services to India, supporting the 'Make in India' and 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' initiatives.

Our MRPL product range provides products that are above the industry standard. A few of those products include:

Self-drilling anchor (SDA)

These are the perfect reinforcement solution for unstable ground conditions including sand, gravel, silt and clay, and soft/medium fractured rock formations. To ensure quality, these are regularly tested by our engineers.

Injection chemicals

We offer injectable chemicals, including PU and Silicate Grouts that provide a wide range of setting speeds, strengths and internal structures. From ultra foaming to high strength and fast setting, our injection chemicals anchor, consolidate and control strata, water and gases in all types of ground conditions.

Sprayed membranes and coatings

Our broad range of wet and dry sprayed products function as either structural or waterproofing membranes. This innovative solution promotes high-strength support and is versatile for under and above ground control.

We envision ourselves to be the partner of choice for best-in-class manufacturing and industrial services. This joint venture marries cutting-edge technology solutions to enhance safety and efficiency in the Indian and international mining and infrastructure sectors. With a partnership that adds value to the industry and redefines safety, the future looks very bright!