The Circular Economy: Unlocking ESG goals and capturing new growth opportunities

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The Circular Economy: Unlocking ESG goals and capturing new growth opportunities

The manufacturing industry is currently using buzzwords such as Circular Economy, ESG (Environment, Social and Governance), and sustainability. However, these concepts are not only limited to discussions, as we live in a world where non-renewable resources are at risk of depletion, and action is required to create a cleaner and greener future. Thus, adhering to a circular economy could be a potential solution to tackle these problems. Let us explore the essential aspects associated with the circular economy and our efforts to foster sustainability.

The circular economy is a restorative approach that eliminates waste by design from production to consumption, by redesigning, recovering, and reusing products and materials. According to IBEF, the transition to a circular economy could generate an additional $4.5 trillion in global economic output by 2030. Even India has enormous potential for circular economy development. IBEF suggests it could generate $218 billion annually and triple the same by 2050. By embracing ESG, businesses can unlock new opportunities, including enhanced employee productivity, better investments, and significant cost savings.

Runaya ensures consistent contributions to sustainability and ESG with an equal and just approach towards each area. Our social goals include cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce and producing ground support items for mining, construction, and tunnelling to make operations safer. Runaya's RubiQ and RucaL Green are two products that showcase this proposition in action. These products aim to enable green manufacturing for Indian steel, as they are certified to consume only around 10% of the carbon than other products. We also achieve substantial cost savings by promoting the use of renewable energy and are geared to deliver results persistently. With continuous innovation through every initiative, we are on a mission to strengthen India's circular economy and contribute to its sustainability commitments. To learn more about Runaya's ESG endeavours, visit our website at